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Facilitate the Change - holistic training for trainers

Seen it all with the classical way of facilitating with groups? Curious to see how much enrichment non-formal education can bring in facilitation? Read further!

The approaches of the training

- Holistic development - professional improvement is only possible through personal development, as they are parallel, interconnected processes;

- Integral learning - we use a blend of both formal, informal, and nonformal methods, which allows us to use education fully instead of being limited by the conventional labels and boundaries.


The training will take place in Hollókő, Hungary, on 21st - 30th November. You can apply until September 1st.

Travel and accommodation costs are covered by the European subsidy programs Erasmus+ and the European Youth Foundation, there is a participation fee of 50 Euro.

For further information and for application please visit the training info pack.

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