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De roedel
How I work

My core approach is inserting wolfdogs during the sessions because they show spotless what is happening with the client. It is not necessary to like dogs, they can also be seen as a tool to make the session more efficient and much simpler to read. The dog will give feedback on every kind of important emotion felt by the client, but also to every move the client makes. Being very close to nature, wolfdogs are very sharp in their communication and are constantly scanning the environment around them and reacting to it, that is still strong in them due to survival but also to maintain relational bonds. 

Sessions without wolfdogs can also be realised. The Flow pack shows different lessons in every session and even out of them, therefore their wisdom might still be used by me in sessions that are not assisted by the wolfdogs. 

Furthermore, being in the process of specialising in the systemic coaching assisted by horses, Flow's sessions and approach can touch hidden layers around the client that might not concern the client directly but the system he or she makes part of (for example family, friendships, work). Wolfdogs can feel that layer and react upon it, therefore their presence brings much more information compared to a talk with me without my wolfdogs. This information can also help the client understanding his or her situation better and also trying a possible action that might help with him or her question. 

Yes, the client approaches me with a question about him or herself that is somehow obstructing his or her (professional/personal) life. It can be very surprising to discover what are the real sources of those obstacles. The client will then be contacted for an intake conversation so that the question can be understood properly. Once that is clear, the coaching path can start. 

The sessions can be diverse and can also be realised outside or in nature. 

The Systemic Method

Systemic Coaching is, in my belief, the deepest method of coaching there is. A methodology that can bring up information not only about yourself but about the generations around you. You are an individual, and you are also you parent's son or daughter; you are your grandparents grandson or granddaughter; perhaps you are yourself a father or a mother; you are a sister or a brother. 

This method can most of the times bring up new topics that you didn't even thought about, and perhaps you will notice that it is not your topic, but you carry it from someone else related to you. 


"Being related" is not necessarily linked to your family (even if a distant one), but could also be an organisation you make part of or a team. Also at your working place you are connected to others and directly or indirectly your actions influence it. 

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